The wills of the six Gods created Haldora Ille.
The power of the Gods is held in six rings located in the tower called the Dragon’s Fang.
The barrier produced by the rings has protected the world for aeons.
However, the Dark Priestesses plan to destroy that barrier and summon the Demon King.
The Priestesses have tried to destroy one ring, but the barrier’s sacred power still holds.
The remaining five rings have been scattered to the ends of the earth, their whereabouts unknown.
Due to the world’s instability, the power of monsters is growing rapidly.
This news was heard by Kings everywhere, who in turn sent out their armies in search of the rings, but to no avail.
In order to resolve the situation, the Kings have finally issued a proclamation to adventurers the world over.
“I shall richly reward to whosoever can find the five rings and restore the barrier on the Dragon’s Fang..”
A similar proclamation was issued at the fortress city of Trangelda.
It was a prayer for wealth, honor, and peace.
Today, many adventurers pass through the gates of Trangelda, their true motives hidden within their hearts…
★Create your characters ★Face Load and Style Load
Select a name, race and personality to create your original characters! Use the images you take with the Nintendo 3DS camera for the characters’ faces and above waist appearance.
★Compass ★Battle
Follow the light of the Compass to find the lost rings!
To use the compass you’ll need to solve some people’s problems first.
Encounter traditional fantasy monsters and weird original monsters.
Many unique monsters lay wait in your adventure ahead.
★Treasure Hunting ★Rare Items
Watch out for traps in the treasure boxes!
Beat the traps and you’ll be handsomely rewarded!
A rare item that you cannot easily acquire.
Can you find all the items?
Start your adventure at Trangelda. Check the status of your party members on the status screen. Buy equipment at Orlando’s Shop. Travel from the World Map to various places.
What is the mysterious statue that appeared in the dungeon? Monsters that block your path in your adventure. The light of the Compass points to the position of the lost rings. Create your original characters by using Face Load and Style Load.
The world covered in the dark shadow…
Only you can save the world now.
A fierce fight with monsters lurking in the dungeon!
Elminage Original
Release date: Aug10, 2017
Genre: Dungeon RPG Price: $19.99
Platform: Nintendo 3DS Download Software Blocks required: 3108
Players: 1 Save files: 3
Monster and item designed by: Takeshi Miyauchi Music composed by: SOUNDTECH
Developer: Operahouse co,.Ltd. Produced by: Starfish-SD Inc.