Game content overseas distribution sales

Ninja Games Japan Co., Ltd. has official international accounts, Incl. Nintendo America as well as Sony Europe, able to do marketing game contents toward those areas.

If you are planning to distribute game titles internationally, please contact us.

We can help you from localization to delivery.

Business Flow

  • Hearing
    NGJ to do hearing from you and discuss to find possibility of your company game titles
  • Marketing research
    NGJ will conduct marketing research through affiliated companies in countries and regions where you wish to deliver, and we will review and consider marketability.
  • Consider sales possibility
    If there is marketability, we will consider the sales possibility sales.
  • Budget review
    We will consider the necessity of localization and the costeffectiveness.
  • Set up target market
    We will review and set up the target market.
  • Localize
    We localize not only the language of the country but also the cultural aspect.
  • Operation verification
    NGJ verifies whole game whether there are any bugs.
  • Apply to platform holder
    NGJ applies to the platform holder on target market.
  • Release
    NGJ will also assist you with promotion as necessary.